Thursday, 21 July 2011

Midweek Makkoli

It's always good to unwind after a day of teaching. Tonight was a good deal of fun. Not only did we we drink some delicious rice wine from a tinpot kettle, but we ate some delicious seafood pancake and had a good old natter- Korean style. 

Dajeon the pup enjoying some makkoli and kimchi

Haemul (seafood) pajeon

cooked kimchi and 두부 dubu (tofu) with pork slices.
I love that the pork is neatly separated from the tofu and kimchi. This is an unusual and convenient situation for a vegetarian!

This traditional Korean eatery is really a great place to visit. In Masan this is probably a drop in the ocean but it is one of the only places I have discovered where the atmosphere is pure and the furniture very much made out of wood. You feel as though you have transported yourself to a simpler time, albeit one in which Hite beer is manufactured and sold in a mass production chain.

The food looked and believe me tasted fantastic. There was not a lot left, except for a massive bowl of raw kimchi! But that is hardly unusual.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Daegu Hello Cupcake!

Last weekend was miss Burton's birthday and we went shopping in Daegu to celebrate. It rained the whole time and I ruined my suede shoes running about in it, but we had lots of fun. We enjoyed a nice bit of Zara browsing and bought some new makeup from the faceshop before heading to meet the boys for some food at the Travellor. After a round of electronic darts(!!??!!) we went to a different bar for some cocktails and cake!
Vic had expressed how lovely the cakes were in the shop window on the corner..... a vanilla ice, a peanut - for the boys on a protein diet- a carrot cake, a cherry choco, a banana and a red velvet later... Wow those cakes were good! This is a link to their website where the above picture is taken from.

The birthday girl.

I have to say, the boys did not seem too impressed but I quote, ''this is the best cake I have ever had in my whole life!'' Great work there Hello Cupcake!

So if anyone is ever in Daegu, I suggest treating yourself and your friends! This Korean woman did! I found this online when I was searching to see if there were any other reviews! She loved it too!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

An Epic Guest Appearance

So, as Liz's better half I am honoured to have been granted access to make a guest appearance on Lizzie's Tasty Journey. The post will not be inherently cultural, delicate, insightful and certainly not vegetarian. The need for this post came about thanks to the amazing people over at Epic Meal Time - if you haven't heard of this phenomenon then you really must have a look - . As has been mentioned on many posts I really love food, and the eating of it. Recently this has been of the "healthy" variety however my desire for huge unhealthy splurges always remains. A few weeks ago we attempted a reconstruction of the Epic Meal Time Fast Food Lasagna which, thanks to 6 Whoppers, 6 Big Macs, 6 Tower Burgers and a whole load of other tasty morsels, was a great success. This weekend however we really upped our game when we took on a breakfast version; I am truly proud (I guess this is a cause for concern) to present to you the Epic Breakfast Lasagna.

This beautiful creation was the brain-child of a few great minds owned by some good friends in Masan, Korea. The Fast Food Lasagna was a little constricted in terms of potential for individuality and uniqueness, however with the breakfast version we could really let the juices flow and give it a very personal touch. Earlier in the week, over a plate of oven baked chicken and some beer, the basic design was formed. Instead of going into details of all the ingredients, here is a shot of the instruction manual -

And here is a shot of all the ingredients, pre-construction -

Every ingredient played a vital role in the ultimate success of this beast. However, as in all walks of life, some parts will live longer in the memory than others. The hash browns really set things off on the right foot. There seasoning and structural properties really came through strong for us. The 3 layers on smoky streaky bacon added a huge hit of flavour, too. The pre-bought Egg McMuffins formed the base of the lasagna and they were crucial - the muffin base also did a sterling job of soaking up all the excess fat and crisping up during the baking process. Instead of scrambled eggs, a full baked omelette was inserted through the centre which again was super tasty but also provided amazing structural and layering qualities. A real treat was offered by the lovely Leslie who kindly baked a home-made soda bread which was fantastic. We opted to thinly slice it up, fry it off in the bacon fat and excessive amounts of butter and then give it it's own layer in the lasagna. I need not tell you how delicious it was. Above this, a tangy and buttery mushroom and tomato mixture added flavour and moisture. Most people will probably be a little disgusted by the next addition. The pat of butter was only half used at most during the initial preparation and I really hate waste. So we just sliced that up and threw it in to melt and seep through the lasagna during cooking - it tasted as good as it sounds.... The top of the Egg McMuffins and a layer of mozzarella gave the monstrosity with a delicious crunchy and cheesy finish. So I guess when trying to tell you about the highlights only, I have inadvertently informed you of every ingredient and its importance. Perhaps there is some deep life moral that can be taken from this epic eating frenzy? Perhaps not.

A few photos to show the construction at various phases -

And next, the final product. Everybody was really amazed both with the taste and the aesthetics of this thing. It held together amazingly and the layering effect was exactly what we hoped for. In the second shot you can see the size of just one piece of the lasagna. This was enough for most, however two real troopers battled on to double this tally. A great eating show.

For the health conscious out there, here are a few vital statistics to back up our claims that this is the greatest breakfast creation ever made.

Cost - $100.
Weight - 18lbs.

Calories - 15,910
Carbohydrates - 938 grams
Protein - 814 grams
Fat - 1075 grams

A great effort all round produced a remarkably epic breakfast treat.